TATA uses Virtual Reality to Market and Sell Tiago

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TATA Motors’s innovative initiative to promote and market their latest automobile creation Tiago will give you a glimpse of the car in Virtual Reality. TATA Motors left no stone unturned to bring the best of the vehicle to their audience through VR. The hatchback beauty featured in the leading daily papers of India with a 4 page glossy supplement of the car along with a three dimensional cardboard VR headset to give a virtual ride in Tiago to the people.

While the idea brilliantly involved virtual reality as a unique marketing strategy however the video for the vehicle somewhat lacked the wow factor as it was poor in resolution and looked grainy. The video showcased various images of the car with a narrative in the background delivering the details about the vehicles.

Also, the price of the vehicle is strategized to rise as the INR 3.2 Lakh initial price seems hard to maintain for a longer period of time. The vehicle was initially named as Zca however, after the deadly Zika virus broke out the Automobile Company was forced to rename the vehicle and thus it was renamed as Tiago.

The VR headset is similar to Google’s Cardboard and thus, provides the basic VR view of the vehicle along with the experience of a virtual ride. Thus, one can possibly take a drive test and check out the interiors of the Car just by sitting in the comfort of their homes through Virtual Reality.




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