API Strategy: Six critical aspects of API foundation

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API groundwork has one major factor which needs to stay constant throughout the process that is simplicity which is not only essential but also critical to maintain. However, APIs formulation process has six major aspects which need to be considered in order to hasten up the whole practice.

  • Connectivity: An API must have connectivity as the first integral key area to be achieved. An API if integrated easily and connected with databases, legacy services and other critical parts lets developers focus solely on creating robust services.
  • Flexibility for Developer: The second most important aspect which needs due attention is ensuring flexibility for developers which assigns them the freedom to work and control as to how the applications will look and feel.
  • Workflow: Workflow makes a developer’s task easier as it tells which part of the code goes where which is why a step-to-step flow of information and work that puts logic in order. Thus, developers need to create a basic outline and dataflow diagrams to figure out every step from initial step to the endpoint product.
  • Testing: Once the product is ready at the developer’s end then it moves to the testing phase where the team is assigned to find and report issues in the released version. Although, real-time testing is essential as it provides flexibility to identify issues and rectify them on the spot however developers must be able to do without necessarily making the APIs public.
  • Documentation: The importance of documentation cannot be ignored when creating APIs as developers may find the API easy and uncomplicated however, it may not be the case with consumers which is why a standardized documentation is necessary to avoid any confusion at later stages.
  • Logging: Logging is used to track the performance of the API in real time and thus, the developer team must have their own logging tools to monitor the APIs functioning.




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