Laser Beams in Eyes is the Next Big thing for Virtual Reality Headsets

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Just when you think Virtual Reality is the most highly advanced tech in the industry trending right now, it presents further advanced technologies that make VR even better. The next big thing in VR could possibly be lasers striking in your eyes for accurate eye tracking allowing your eyes to perform the functions of a mouse or a controller.

The major startups working on VR have also adopted this new technology as the next big leap and are working to convince the leading manufacturer companies such as Oculus Rift and HTC to inculcate this technology as the new feature in the next gen VR headsets.

The startups include SMI, percept, Eyefluence, Fove, and Eyematic etc. who have willingly demonstrated their eye-tracking technology. The technology is most likely to be incorporated in the coming new VR headsets as it is a critical part of tech that completes Virtual Reality.

Currently the VR headsets allow making selections in the virtual world using movement of the head and selecting a clickable option through the users’ gaze and confirming it using a hand controller or reaching out with your hand in case of Augmented Reality in Microsoft HoloLens.

The technology surely sounds exciting and futuristic however, it is still way off and wouldn’t make into the hands of consumer for a long time as of now. As per discussions with the major headset makers the technology can possibly debut in the first or second quarter of 2k17. No doubt VR is mesmerizing even now but a little wait may just pay off for something far better in the near future.




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