ABE VR Review: The Story of a Bloodthirsty Robot Searching for Love

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ABE VR is a horror experience based on a strikingly scary short film ABE (2013) developed by writer and director Rob McLellan which is now being released as the debut VR film by Hammerhead VR.

The theme is about the deep seeded fear and instinctive distrust for technology which now makes for an integral part in Mankind. With advanced technology such as artificial intelligence the trepidation has only heightened. Questions such as what if the artificial intelligence at one point develops further skills to wipe out the entire human race has previously become a popular theme for conception for several movies in the past.

Similarly ABE VR is another terrifying VR experience which is centralized around the story of a bloodthirsty Robot who is ready to go to any extent for finding love. Rob McLellan’s unsettling story from the movie ABE shows a robot servant programmed with Artificial Intelligence who misconstrues it for its ability to love and searched for female partners to respond to its requited love and if the victims fail to do so he is led to fix them all for once and for all.

The VR experience puts the viewer in place of the victim and lets you experience the horrifying experience from the seat of the helpless victim hunt down by the obsessive murderous robot.




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