Go Pro Odyssey Review: The Wonders This 16-camera VR Rig Will Do

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Go Pro Odyssey is one of the first few VR cameras to accomplish the requirements of Google’s Jump- an open source platform which gives content creators the freedom to capture 360-degree video and compile it into a VR video. As per Google Jump’s specifications- a jump camera consists of 16-cameras arranged in a circular array aligned side to side which has been successfully accomplished by Go Pro’s Odyssey VR camera rig.

Go Pro’s Odyssey has an array of 16 Hero4 black cameras arranged side to side enabling the rig to capture 8K spherical video at a speed of 30 frames per second and is set to hit the market in November.

Odyssey in a rig measures 11.6 inches in the diameter being 2.6 inches tall and weighing 14.5 pounds in total and will be made available at a price of $15K. The rig is aimed to concentrate more on the commercial market attracting professional filmmakers and VR content creators for high quality VR videos with least latency rates.

Go Pro Odyssey apart from itself with the 16 Hero4 Black cameras comes with all the necessary cables, a special case as well as 16 micro SD cards one for each camera apart from other essential accessories. The accessories are included within the $15K price bracket. However, even with all the accessories and the 16 Hero4 Black cameras which cost around $500 each, aside Go Pro Odyssey will not come across as cheap or even nominal to most users but Go Pro claims that Odyssey is a specialist to withstand the severities of professional filmmaking. Thus, Odyssey will be a perfect companion for taking your audience n new adventures across the world.

Another added advantage for content creators is that Go Pro Odyssey is compatible with Google Jump to stitch and put together the 360-degree footage into a brilliant piece of VR video. The Jump video assembler efficiently stitches together 16 video clips of the VR footage into one continuous and High Definition (HD) VR video.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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