VR Time Machine Review- A Thrilling Virtual Adventure Beyond Time

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Time Machine VR is not just a game but an experience that takes you back in time in a virtual space letting you explore the time before mankind. Explore the world before our forefathers walked the earth during the time of dinosaurs and wildlife that we never witnessed.

Time Machine VR developed by Minority Media Inc. was released on 19th May, 2016 on platforms namely Oculus Rift and HTC Vive revolves around the story of a spreading pandemic known as the Jurassic Flu due to which millions have lost their lives and now the scientists have been left with only option to save the future of mankind- travel back in time to find out the cure for the flu that originated back in that time.

The story immediately puts you (the player) into the realm of the past that was submerged under water and long forgotten in search of the future that we strongly hold on to. The game begins with explaining you the controls of the game. While playing with HTC Vive the left controllers takes you back and forth in time by pulling or pushing the trigger. The controls however, lack precision which is why the overall experience fails to completely immerse you in the virtual space and the story.

Also, while the environment and the characters in the animation are quite brilliant, the game still lacks the power to convince and connect as compared to other VR experiences we’ve seen so far. The game overall could have been more enjoyable making players want to explore ore however, motion sickness kicks in right when you start to enjoy the experience which could also be corrected. Thus, the game is a great play to take you on an adventurous expedition but only if you have legs in VR to reduce motion sickness.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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