And The Innovation of The Year in VR Award Goes to SlotsMillions

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SlotsMillion was awarded Marketing and Innovation Awards on June 1 in Barcelona for using an innovative approach in online gaming in Virtual Reality platform at the at the eGaming Review’s Operator, Marketing and Innovation Awards. The creator of world’s first online real money virtual reality casino also bagged an award of Innovation of the year in London that day.

The game was developed between 2015 and 2016. SlotsMillion‘s casino is fully functional and oculus compatible VR casino. Casino is made on the format of sub-genre of science fiction casino lobby already set on the 80th floor of a skyscraper. User can choose to play any possible number of games from the tray of VR soaked games. One can also interact with other players and can have real life experience when looking down through your window.

Judges extolled SlotsMillion for developing a first ever consumer VR experience which transformed the whole online casino experience and interactions between customers and managers.

SlotsMillion’s co-founder Alexander Tomic walked an extra mile for this new medium and discussed the agreement and customer protection with the regulators and this brought them laurels and honors from other companies in this field.

SlotsMillion’s founders took the risk of crossing the sea by swimming in this high tide sea for the VR enthusiasts while others were just waiting for this tide to calm down, and everyone knows that VR is such a high tide in the sea of technology.

He further expressed his gratitude that they were able to learn a lot about their own potential. They were also amazed by ‘how Virtual Reality changed their way of doing business”. He is overwhelmed with the response they got on Trade shows and from the industry as well. He is actually at a loss for words for such a response from Virtual Reality enthusiasts.




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