Chronos Review- A Third Person Oculus Experience That Makes you Age in VR

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Oculus Rift has added yet another great VR experience to its kitty by the name of Chronos which is a third party experience and lets you experience VR from a spectator’s point of view yet it’s an experience like no other.

The game begins with a choice letting you opt between being a male and a female protagonist giving you character you take forward through the game. Now, being a combat and adventure game, the character is then made to choose between a trusty sword and an axe as the weapon to be carried before subjecting it to a village’s elder who by the means of a shadow theater explains the story and theme behind the game.
The game never fails to pack a punch of thrill and excitement and lets the user experience combat with simple controls to dodge, tackle, attack and parry the enemies which must be taken care of even after beating them many time they can still come back and punish you. The game offers a certain pattern to dispatch and carry the character implementing your individual style of play.

Te character detailing and graphics are par excellence highlighting every single detail as if a single stone has been crafted by hand. The play structure and module of the game brings forth many critical aspects of the character including agility, vitality and strength of the character.
The game in all brings all the best features and functionalities upfront making VR a beautifully driven concept making chromos one of the best designed and polished VR games available today.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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