UX Gives The User Real Life Experience in Reel-Life in VR

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Virtual Reality is a new rising tide in the vast ocean of technology. The rising trend in the technology User Experience [UX] is facing challenges to equip it with new symbols and grammar to use in this field. This article focuses on the solutions dipped in literature and get vision from industry professionals that are being derived from the challenges.

We should first understand the types of experiences that can be made in public spaces in which their goal is to promote Public Relations [PR]. The ‘set up design’ which is a structural layout that will get fit for experience which depends on the creative concept and emotional outcome we want to get from it.

First is Hyper active and also based on emotions control and record senses after the user is being influenced. For example, the installation of innovative studio known as UNIT 9 for 5 Gum it developed with the combination of Oculus Rift, Kinect, 3Dgraphics, Sound Design, Perfumed Air and a shipping container.

Second is POV documentary used to transport gamers to the places they can never reach in an instant minute. Then shifts to third, gamers experience which designs the completion of a certain task against the time. Headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard will also enhance the user’s experience.

There are challenges known as Interaction Challenge which are the challenges of interaction and interface used to establish a VR soaked environment for the user. The movement, sound design, plays a major role as it gives full control to the user a freedom to move around. Headsets paired with senses of sight and hearing gives the user an audio feedback. It is also a major challenge to give the real- life sound to the reel life.

VR is wholly focused on the user’s experience as user’s sound, sight senses and the environment surrounding the user. The environment is the trickiest part as it gives the real feel of the game. The ambience of the game has to be real life to make him feel like real.

To develop UX, one has to follow the latest technology as to make the experience livelier. Technology is moving forward to Oculus Rift, Samsung gear VR which give the user a 100% VR soaked experience.

Just like in other communication systems, UX has to travel parallel to the strategy, production, art and finally technical execution. The last but not the least, it should have a personal touch such as smell, feel of seeing, feel of touch etc.

User Experience helps to enhance the experience of the user in the field of Virtual Reality.




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