Cadillac Gave Power to Buyers to Change Color in a Flick in VR

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Johan De Nysschen, the president of Cadillac, a famous car company planning to replace the boring style of viewing a car in a traditional showroom with viewing a car with VR headsets in which you can feel your car with your senses. Virtual Reality is flowing like a river brimming with new technologies and Cadillac also wants to sail in this huge river.

Cadillac named it as ‘Project Pinnacle’ and was announced in February as retail strategy. The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that Cadillac’s traditional dealership will soon be transformed into a VR equipped dealership.

This will have various positive results like, it will attract more customers and this new amendment will appeal to customers and secondly is that one Cadillac can open its dealership in a mall.

Nysschen will now be helping other dealers who wish to set their showrooms which will be VR equipped showrooms where buyers can learn a lot about products or can get their car serviced through VR headsets. There is a major obstacle in their installation would be that dealers don’t want invest such a big amount to still not proved sales strategies and the buyers still have to test the cars in physical that requires to be loaned and service.

Cadillac hasn’t made it clear that which headset they will be using in their program. Volvo Dealership will also be undertaking this initiative with Microsoft’s VR headset and i.e. HoloLens. Volvo Dealership will soon be able to mould dream cars according to the wishes of the drivers. They will also be launching promotional videos immersed in VR. Buyers can now be able to feel that what it would be like sitting behind a Volvo Car steering and changing colors of your favorite car with just a flick of a finger.




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