UK Armed Forces Employs Virtual Reality ‘Chinook’ to Train Medics

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Virtual Reality ever since its conception has showed promise for applications in various fields including training for Military and Armed Forces personnel. A recent progression in the wake of Virtual Reality as a predominant new technology, Armed Forces of the United Kingdom will be using VR immersive technology to provide efficient training to the Medics in a ground-breaking simulated experience of the battlefield in order to tackle the real life difficulties of a warzone.

The simulator is especially built to recreate a virtual environment of the insides of a cramped Chinook helicopter where gravely injured soldiers are revived and taken care of by the medics to stabilize their condition while on their way to the field hospitals.

The Ministry of Defense of the UK initially used ground zero methods to instruct and train the medical staff in the grounded Helicopters present at the RAF Brize Norton Oxfordshire for providing a similar environment. However, the training failed to recreate the choppy rides in the helicopters as the pilots avoid sleet of gunshots from the machine guns. Resulting to which many medics complained that they failed to comply with the real life situations struggling to carry out Emergency Medical aid procedures while being thrown around in the flying helicopter under heightened stress levels.

Thus, it was proposed by the Human Interface Technology (HIT) Team Director from the University of Birmingham to employ Virtual Reality for an efficiently simulated experience within the similar mock up Chinook cabin. The use of VR appropriately uses a mixture of physical elements representing reality and the best of Virtual Reality aspects. After curing Phobias and Disorders, Virtual Reality is now offering applications in all vital spheres.


Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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