VR Box Headset Review: A Low Price Solidly Build VR Headset

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Everybody wants to try VR but not everyone can readily spend $600-1200 for the currently available VR gadgets. For all those who wish to experience VR without burning a hole in their pockets, we have an amazing piece of VR hardware at a very budget friendly price.

VR Box is a recent addition to the rising stock of VR HMDs with impressive features such as Bluetooth remote, ease-of-use, comfort and quality. The efficient VR headset has many benefits over a few disadvantages such as the VR headset is Smartphone compatible with superior face cushioning for comfort in longer durations and a removable camera port. Whereas a few of the cons include a smaller recess for those with bigger noses and removing the camera panel is slightly tough.

However, given nominal and superbly affordable price of US $17: UK £14, the VR Box headset offers best in class features built with design and efficiency. VR Box headset is built with superior design functionalities such as scope for adjusting optical lens with a key ring sized game controller. The only flaw that can be listed here is that the shape of the Smartphone slot allows the phone to slip in at wrong angles.

As far as comfort and build quality is concerned VR Box Headset offers supreme quality of material which is both lightweight and sturdy promoting longer durations VR experience. Furthermore, the VR Box headset comes with 3 sticky rubber sponge pads, a satchel, Bluetooth controller, instruction guide and offers compatibility with a number of games such as Insidious VR game, Galaxy VR (Free Demo), Seep Space VR, Street Racer VR, etc.

In the end, if you’re looking a satisfying VR experience under a very small budget or even if you wish to gift someone a VR headset or try VR before investing into a bigger brand, then VR Box headset is the perfect match for your requirements.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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