Raw Data Early Access Review: Most Impressively Dangerous Game

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Raw Data the fast paced and exciting combat game by Survios is finally here after its demo was released a few months ago. Raw Data currently available on Steam Early Access is more than just a shooting game as it offers a wide range of physical abilities which makes the player feel like he/she is in real danger.

The game revolves around a story in which Eden Corp, an evil organization is trying to oppress the world and as a member of a specialized hacker group named SyndiK8 you must strive to infiltrate them as soon as you can. Before you begin you shall be given a choice for character between a gun-yielding “Bishop” and the Katana swinging ninja “Saija. Now that target of the mission is to extract as much sensitive data as you possibly can to expose the evil intentions of the Corporation.

The Gameplay of Raw Data has been kept anything but simple as it involves an engaging blend of defense strategies and specialized moves that will have to be unlocked at respective levels inside the story of the game. Raw Data also offers a multiplayer mode in which you can play the game alongside you friends on Steam. The game lets you taste an exact sense of real danger with 2 meters tall killer robots that continually fire laser beams in your face and creep forward and start punching you in the face, that is when real panic kicks in.

The character “Bishop” has been allotted a pistol as the weapon for combat, skills for which will have to be mastered to take the bloodthirsty robots down. The hard part however, is reloading the pistol which takes time in which you could get beaten up by a badass robot. A few hours in the game and you learn to reload the pistol just by touching it to your hip in the VR. “Saija” the ninja with the sword is the more gratifying of the two for slashing and slicing the enemies and can also be used as boomerangs.

Raw Data can be claimed as one of the most graphically rich game out there with high degree of immersion with superb comfort especially in teleporting. The game lets you teleport yourself from one spot to another in swift glide. The only exception in comfort is the Saija’s jump through the air which launches you high in a downward strike. Otherwise, The game is surprisingly comfortable and an overall amazing experience to be enjoyed to your heart’s content.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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