Star Wars’ Darth Vader to feature in a Virtual Reality Game

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Star Wars is all set to create another sensation by entering into Virtual reality bringing back Darth Vader, the Iconic Villain from the hit series to feature in a VR Game. Industrial Light and Magic’s Immersive Entertainment Division is seeking talented people from the Hollywood to indulge in this brilliant Star Wars VR project.

The VR project was announced during the recent Star Wars celebration panel where writer Davis S. Goyer with major movies such as Batman Begins and Man of Steel in his kitty joined the ILM’x xLab Tea to work and be a part of this orginal VR narrative experience in which the Lead character is none other than the legendary Darth Vader.

The Game will be an official story from inside the Star Wars universe as explained by Goyer. The famous writer has been a major driving force and creative entity in Films and Television for years however, he confessed saying that working with xLab was totally different and was definitely a new challenge. The Darth Vader VR project has been reported to be very tightly integrated with the Star Wars universe so much that Lucasfilm Creative Executive Pablo Hidalgo claimed its storyline to be considered alongside new movies, comics and novels in the series.

However, integration of VR in the project lets the audience experience Star Wars for real as a visitor in the story and everything is happening around you.  Also, the viewer might possibly even have an effect on the narrative (to some extent). The possibilities in the VR Film/Game are endless as you are allowed to pick up things, push things around, open objects and walk around in the setting and also touch the characters.

With all these wonderful aspects xLab team is inching towards the Matrix version of futuristic experiences. Nonetheless, teasing the audience only goes far to create excitement till the promised features are delivered. All in all its pretty mind blowing!

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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