Sculpt, Model And Paint In VR With Oculus Medium Creative Touch

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Oculus is currently working with ‘Medium’ to create solid feeling Objects in Virtual Reality. It lets you sculpt, model and paint the object. When the Oculus first built ‘Medium’, they changed the very meaning of creating, making and sharing art. Oculus is inspired to build a tool set that will take full advantage of Touch when it will be launched later this year.  Medium uses the touch controllers, to embrace the hand presence truly in the making of the art. There are some sculpting tools which will be introduced this year in the ‘Medium’ the features that will be used are as follows:

CLAY: Everyone is not a born sculpture. Not everyone can do the free form of sculpting. That is why they introduced an easy way out to repeat patterns and helps them in creating the designs in Virtual Reality. They further let you make clean strokes in the design taken from a 3D stamp library.

SMOOTHENING: When we see a sculpture being made in real life, they are being smoothened to blend in different pieces together. It is something that everyone should have to do to make their sculpture smooth. Oculus felt the same way that the smoothening technique is always required to make the sculptures smooth in Virtual Reality in 360 degree view. Then, this feature was built in.

PAINTING: Oculus wants to give the most immersive experience with Medium that is why it gave this new feature of PAINT that allows painting your sculpture in virtual Reality arena. Holding your sculpture in one hand and painting it in the virtual arena and watching your sculpture getting a life when you are working with Medium.

Well, according to Oculus, they will be adding new features in the coming months which will be  launch soon. The company is already excited as what will the VR enthusiasts will create when the Medium will get launched.




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