Vtime Lets You Have Real Time Conversation In Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality enthusiasts believe that this current era should be synonymous with VR. Virtual Reality does play a significant part in peoples’ lives. It encourages social interaction which can be used in various sections of our lives ahead of gaming, education and entertainment. This was predicted by Mark Zukerberg. Well, if we look from our side, it is looking foggy and hazy. But, the place from where Liverpool is looking, they see a much clearer path full of sunshine. Every year there are “Cool Vendors in Consumer Mobile” and four are selected for this title, which is Instagram, Airbnb, Dropbox, vTime. vTime is also enjoying the status of ‘The VR Sociable Network’. VTime was started in 2013 by gaming industry veteran Martin Kenwright in Liverpool which was funded with $5 million till date from the sales proceeds of one pervious business which is Evolution Studios. It was sold to Sony later on by Mr. Kenwright. Virtual Reality is one the hottest topics of the year 2016, and socializing with Virtual Reality is the first step that should be taken care of.

So what do vTime looks like to you? Well, it is an application which lets you create an avatar of yourself in the Pixar like animated form. In the same way your friends can create their avatars. In the Virtual Reality environment you can meet your friend’s avatars and socialize and interact with them. It is very well, bizarre and very well, real in nature. It will allow you to have conversation like you are having a conversation in real time and life.

Many feel that vTime is just a glorified act and moreover, that thing real time conversation can be possible over video conferencing. It was established in Liverpool and been actively been known in Silicon Valley. Let us see how far this application goes as there are hundreds of active users on the application which was launched in December. But, the growth of the application has started now. Some feel that the vTime has been glorified a lot. But, let us ask the VR enthusiasts who know the true essence of the virtual Reality, what do they feel?





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