Virtual Reality Witnesses The Start Of Gender Equity In Technology

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Virtual reality may take a major turn toward gender equality in technology. It is a major debate regarding the lack of women working in the technology area in the companies. We all need to take a major cultural shift and we have to begin with, schools which should be more encouraging to women to study computer science and should join these top ranks and thus join the major companies for technical roles. Do you believe that virtual Reality can be used as a catalyst in making the feminism strong?

Industries can now create spaces for amazing career breakthroughs for women. Virtual reality may come as a big opportunity for those women who want to work as developers and programmers in the film industry, journalism, and gaming. There is lots of discussion going on regarding the need for more diversity in VR. The vision for VR2020 is that VR will grow to a $30 billion industry also the about 22 % of game developers in VR are women and will grow at a very rapid pace. They are very close to achieve 50/50 target soon in the coming years.

This shift will come with a support further support and according to a new study it is found that women are actually considered better developers than men. The researchers also looked at approx 3 million put requests to be submitted on GitHub, and later found out that the code written by women was approved at a higher rate (78.6 percent) than code written by men.

Therefore, one should see women in the tech world and it is being proven that women is just not confined to just other education branch and not confined to four walls.




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