MAYAxis Now Sells Real Estate Through Virtual Reality

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We have seen the power of virtual Reality in many fields especially in the field of real estate. You can virtually build your house before actually building it. You could actually see how your dream house would look like with the help of augmented and virtual reality. Sri Karumbati, CIO of MAYAxis has introduced MAYAxis on a very large scale, headquartered in Bangalore in India to sell real estate via Virtual Reality’s immersive experience.

Now-a-days, Virtual Reality has been taken so seriously in the real estate and it is proven by MAYAxis who believes in recreating past or let you imagine the future virtually. It gives a real-time interactive platform to actually visualize any space, be it commercial or residential. It is already been regarded a must have for architects, designers, etc. It let you explore beyond scale models, photos or video renders.

MAYAxis provides a real deal of immersive experience to the developers, architects, builders and finally the customers. It built the building with proprietary processes and different algorithms to determine the space that is to be visualized. The entire process is computationally intensive for which we use high end Nvidia Graphic Processing Units (GPUs).  It took our company more than a year to build the technology,” says Sri Karumbati, CIO, and MAYAxis. And we hope that it keeps up it work like Canadian Startup uses Virtual Reality to Sell Real Estate Places.




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