Leaks About New Samsung Gear VR Suggests A Headset For Phablets

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Latest rumors and leaks are suggestive about Samsung, a leading name in the Virtual Reality Hardware systems is all set to release its second iteration of its flagship VR Headset Gear VR is being reported to be better equipped to support the new line of Samsung’s Note series of phablets.

Not only this, it is also being claimed that Samsung has a very special event coming up on 2nd August, Tuesday which will be held in New York with the reputation of a major hardware press event where the Korean Tech Giant will reportedly launch its new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phablet and a special Gear VR Headset to offer support to the Phone’s configuration and stature for Virtual Reality compatibility.

The recent images of the new Gear VR Headset have been leaked signifying a wider Field of View (FOV) supported by the Headset. Also, if you are keen in technology and observant by nature then you might realize that the upcoming consumer ready VR Headset has shifted its theme white color to a predominant black which may prove effective in relieving the users from the distraction caused by the white finish of the current Samsung Gear VR Headset so long as the black color holds over the internal viewer. It may also be quite fetching to find that the color shift is to accommodate the impeccable charcoal black color of the new arriving Note 7.

The VR Headset goes to accommodate with the phablet not only in color but also by growing slightly in is width and height i.e. from 201.9 x 116.4(D) x 92.6(H) mm of the current model to 207(W) x 122(D) x 98.5(H) mm. The new VR Headset is said to support some new features and specifications such as it has moved from supporting micro USB to the recent USB-C standard with a potential bump in the resolution of the device considering that Note 7 brags of an AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. As far as the hardware design goes, the new device also implements a latched caddy design to support a bigger Smartphone.

For now, this is what the rumors have in store but we shall know the exact specifications and features sooner than later as both of the Tech Gadgets are about to go upfront on 2nd August.





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