Experience the most Realistic Flight Simulation with Aerofly FS2

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There have been many simulation experiences in Virtual Reality till now however Aerofly developed by developers from IPACS is the most ultra realistic flight simulation which lets the users fly planes across the sly and the whole experience is nothing short of just stunning!

One can conveniently claim that Virtual Reality has overturned some of the blandest gaming concepts into interesting new genres and one among them is surely Flight Simulation. As with VR one gets a completely immersive experience of sitting inside a cockpit handling all the controls of a million dollar aircraft and paying attention to every tiny light that blinks and sounds the systems make. All this together recreates ultra mechanical realism which is more than just appealing to the audiences.

Aerofly FS2 lets the users take control and fly all kinds of civilian and commercial aircrafts including twin engine jet airliners as well as engineless gliders. The best part however, is not just that you get to fly all these brilliant machineries but you can fly these aircrafts over the most realistic looking terrain.

The exceptional VR simulation experience is available on Steam Vive’s Early Access and offers initial support for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Also, in the game there are currently 16 aircrafts available as a part of the basic package while the further packs will be paid with ultra HD terrain from Switzerland. The Flight-sim experience in its current pre-release stage has received a great feedback and comes to be shaping nicely.




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