Wake Up Preview: Surreal Puzzle redefining Sound in VR

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Wake Up is a recent extravagantly surreal puzzle subversion created by Austrian Developers of Black Cell sporting some mesmerizing art direction while also redefining Sound in VR. The game Wake up takes the importance of Sound in VR to a whole new level making the premise of the experience a little mysterious while highlighting all the essential elements.

Wake up ensures the users go through a fantastic dreamscape being guided an elusive red butterfly giving room-scale puzzles and riddles a new meaning in VR. The creators of the game Black Cell is a single bodied organization with an independent game developer who believes to stay focused on producing new experiences built on elevated moods through creative audio and visual design.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, Wake up has been built as an experimental prologue offering a playtime of about 20-40 minutes, hopefully with many creative ideas up the sleeve of this magnificent designer and developer.

Wake up is built along the lines of interactive gameplay with features that radiate effervescent background and theme highlighting ingenious directorial effects along with stark sound effects with minimalist visuals available exclusively on HTC Vive and Steam Access for now.




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