At least now we know how NOT to shoot a 360 Video

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After the massive success of all the wonderful VR gadgets and technology that we have seen in the past few months VR content creators and Filmmakers are currently in the toil to produce interesting, catchy as well as lucrative VR experiences especially with the latest 360 video VR movie making.

Thus, in a way to helping out the young talent out there trying to shoot immersive 360 videos for VR YouTube’s Creator Academy has brought a flashy new crash course in VR filmmaking for budding new filmmakers showing them exactly how NOT to make a 360 immersive video, because sometimes it’s the best way we can learn!

With VR film production and immersive experiences becoming a rather fetching yet a more common place due to easy access to required hardware i.e. reasonable VR 360 Degree cameras such as Samsungs Gear 360 VR or Nico360- World’s Smallest VR camera, people are excited to try their hand at developing personalized VR experiences but then again you must be aware of the cardinal sins associated with the practice.

Thus, the Creator Academy has synthesized an informative yet superbly fun video that guides rookies through the process of VR filmmaking providing insights on what not to do and how to do what you need to do for producing a fetching VR video. The video most efficiently draws one’s attention to the fundamentals of placements, angle variations and stitching zones while also informing the newbies about viewer comfort and properly designed shots.

The effort has been made by Google as we know YouTube is owned by the Tech giant that has been working profoundly towards VR content generation launching Jump VR alongside Go Pro’s Odyssey VR Camera before coming out with its exclusive VR platform Daydream as the firm believes that efficient and yielding VR content is the key to keep the technology propagating.




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