Racket NX: A Retro- Futuristic Game Exclusively For HTC VIVE

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‘Racket NX’ is a name given to a futuristic Virtual Reality game that has pledged for a work up for HTC VIVE.  The name is derived from two games and they are Racquetball and classic arcade titles Breakout and Arkanoid. One of the major benefits of this room-scale Virtual Reality game is that it forces you to work out for sweat unlike other traditional gaming.

This game started its journey as a demo application, has now developed into a full- fledged Virtual Reality experience.  It started in a partnership formed with Waves which is a pro-audio tools developer and NX developer One Hamsa. In this game, a player faces a virtual wall of tiles which a player has to break, which moves unpredictably and in return, it makes the game more challenging. In this, game a player has to break the entire virtual tile wall in one single round with Virtual handball set in order to move further to the next round. Players can expect to work up a little to sweat so the tiles do require a little chase to be targeted.

The best thing about Racket NX is that it will have multiplayer mode and will incorporate positional audios and warning tones or struck tones. But, we sadly have a bad news that the VR enthusiasts have to wait a little for this game as it is not fully launched. One can have access its demo version which will hit the mainstream on August 17 and an early access is expected to be released later this year. There are many early classic arcade games that were launched at E3, so, let’s see if they can beat them.




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