Turtle Beach VR Headphones- Wireless Superhuman hearing Tech

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Turtle Beach has established quite a reputation for developing efficient gaming peripherals and now the Company has come up with a new pair of VR gaming Headphones. Virtual Reality gaming has singularly faced the lack of a wireless yet efficient sound system which was an obvious requirement going overlooked. However, Turtle Beach has created an incredibly useful pair of VR gaming headphones named Stealth 350VR.

The new pair of headphones comes with ostensible 30+ hours of battery life powered with amplification. The VR headphones as claimed by the Company are strictly built for VR since it is provided with a specialized duvet in the foam lining the headbands such as HTC Vive and OSVR HDK2 for the overhead cables through the VR headset to run through the headphones.

The built of the headphones is extremely simple and offers amazing comfort for hours of continuous gameplay. The headphones also prove to be a worthy and reliable investment as a VR accessory as it delivers clear VR audio with variable bass boost. The headphones have 50mm Neodymium speakers that offer a rich audio experience with thundering lows and crisp highs apart from memory cushioning in the ear pads.

The Turtle Beach 350VR Headphones also offer a detachable noise cancelling microphone which is essentially useful while chatting in a multiplayer experience and also during the narratives in a game. The added advantage of cable management offered by the headphones with detachable cables and on-board audio controls makes it an irresistible VR accessory for Gaming freaks.

The VR exclusive Headphones are set to launch on 9th of October at a cost of $80 for the superbly efficient headphones for a superhuman hearing experience.




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