Virtual Reality Now Lets You Meditate With Deepak Chopra

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Self-help guru Deepak Chopra very beautifully said that, “There’s no absurdity in discovering your true self through virtual reality, as every day is itself a result of simulation.”

Imagine the ambience which is made up of cosmos swirls, orange light flickering across the whole darkness arena of space, then moving across the visage of Buddha. Then a familiar and soothing voice encroaches and asks, “Who is able to enjoy this experience happening right now?” the voice again takes the pause and said that “Your innermost being is able to have that experience.”

Now, you can actually experience the whole meditation with psychedelic animation and graphics. You can enjoy if you have a headset and an appropriate application of Deepak Chopra’s latest venture i.e. virtual reality meditation. This is a new age self-help guru who is also an entrepreneur that has unveiled a new application, named as “Finding your true self”. It is released this week at the headquarters of WeVR.

Chopra hopes to sell the soothing and amazing experience through booths at various places like airports, hospitals, etc. It will be working through phones and laptops which are enabled with VR features. He hopes to enlighten the path journey and life in 20 minutes.

It is a bold step which is taken by Chopra in the field of mediation in a hope that it will negate frustrations, stress level and will encourage inner peace, and improved focus with the help of the latest technology.  It opted for this medium so as to reach more and more people.

Designers have worked really hard on this project back there at Wevr’s headquarters. They were living, eating this project for many months.  According to Chopra, he has ably never been getting too attached to tradition as he believes that we are evolving species. He has truly said the If one doesn’t keep up with this latest brimming technology, and then you definitely are not in touch with the zeitgeist. There are many new positive features of Virtual Reality that is coming in front of us like it even helps us to walk with Paraplegics’ virtual legs.




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