Oculus started Working on a ‘Chaperone’ System for Touch

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Though moving physically in the Virtual world is an amazing way to experience immersion, but it is potentially dangerous as it can lead to the loss of the real world surrounding us.  To avoid  that situation, Valve has introduced the ‘Chaperone’ for the HTC VIVE headset. It is a virtual wall that materializes when needed the most in order to keep the users from exiting an arena of safe play. On the other hand, Oculus has also started working on their own version of such kind of a system which is also equally important for their upcoming launch of the VR controllers Touch.

The Chaperone system is a system that gives directions to the HTC VIVE users so that they could return to their real world where they are safe and is reflected in the VR world. No doubt, Chaperone on the VIVE has been very effective and working effectively that now users are able to lose them in the Virtual World.  Now it has turned out that Oculus also has a wall system which is in the works for some time now. It was present when Oculus was showing off its new touch controllers in June.

The boundary wall in Oculus is build into a form of a barbed wire fitted well with a Dead and Buried’s western aesthetic. Chaperone on the HTC VIVE, on the other hand, can easily be customized by the user itself.

The Oculus boundary system and HTC VIVE’s Chaperone is very much required in the Virtual Reality space because these companies have witnessed some incidents like people bumping their head on a desk and so on. Interestingly, Valve’s own Chaperone system is actually already working with Oculus Rift for their users whose headset is connected to Steam.




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