The New Yorker’s Latest Cover gets a Virtual Reality Makeover

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The New Yorker is one such journal that occupies space in not one but many bags of the people of the big shiny American city- NYC and its latest cover designed by Christoph Niemann has received the magical touch of none other than Virtual Reality to pay homage to the US Open which began yesterday.

While the cover looks awesome with an added 3D VR touch to it the designer Niemann went ahead to create a complementing VR video along with the Cover. “Serve!” is the name of the VR video created to accompany the fancy New Yorker cover starts with a bouncing tennis ball being served and going betwixt the players. One can rotate to adjust the video and view the ball in a relay in 360 degrees resulting in an overall pleasurable experience.

Niemann discussed how 360 degree videos in some way can be confusing as the viewers can’t decide where to look at a particular moment thus he says to have employed drawings in his video to condense, limit and focus the information being conveyed.

The video by Niemann, Serve! Is available for viewing on your phones or the latest versions of chrome, opera, firefox and internet explorer for your desktop. To enjoy the video on your phone you via YouTube can use Google Cardboard VR.




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