Damaged Core Review: Experience AI gone Rogue In A Robot Uprising

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Damaged Core is a non corporeal first person shooter game based on a Robot Uprising after an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project, The Core goes rogue and sets on a path to destroy the Earth in a dingy near future setting. This is where the player comes in trying to fight alongside an AI program jumping from Robot to Robot to hack its way to The Core.

As far as the Gameplay is concerned, Damaged Core has a distinguished game mechanic which sets it apart from other first person shooter games. The pace of action at which the game proceeds rivals all other Non VR PC games. The games offers super active and high tech mechanics letting you zoom in and out at high speeds using various weapons to blast off the heads of enemies being in the shoes of a bot.

The swarm of Bots siding with the Core instantly and swiftly reacts to your sabotage which is why you need to stay on high alert as well as on a swivel chair to look for the nearest potential host to possess just as your vision goes blurry signifying a fatal error.

The comfort induced in the game is magnificent as the developers have utilized transitions for teleportation which makes nausea a no big issue. However, very rapid teleportation from one host to another can at some point leave you disoriented thus making a swivel chair o standing position imperative.

The game is currently available on Oculus Rift Home with only Xbox One game pad controller compatible with the game play which is not exactly favorable as it suggests gaze selection for particular actions with only a few choices for trigger pulls on the game pad.

The game on the overall nails it with its superbly positioned audio and the omnipresent feel of the suicide drones and the dingy setting inflicting danger and thrill.




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