Leap Motion Launches Interaction Engine For Natural Human Input In VR

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Leap Motion has finally announced early access to the beta version of the Interaction Engine which is a compilation of systems specifically designed and developed to allow developers integrate resistance free and realistic human interaction through motion of the hands.

One of the best and most satisfying experiences in Virtual Reality is that of Physics Sandbox title which gives the players the freedom to interact with the virtual world objects while they behave very close to reality where no other real physical world restrictions apply. However the absence of real world restrictions poses a multitude of problems where objects in VR start to behave as per the digital world physics at which point the immersion of reality shatters.

Accounting to all these problems, another added issue originates while integrating naturalistic hand gestures and movements within the digital space. Thus, Leap Motion’s Interaction engine is exclusively designed to bridge the gap between accuracy and what feels good to the human nature creating hand movements almost replicating an elusive magic trick. This includes in recreating some of the rules of the reality to closely associate what should happen and what feels good.

Leap Motion has been for quite some time working on the tech struggling with the depth sensing peripheral sensors aiming to smooth out the process for developers by offering a well-built framework that connect Unity Game Engine and the real world Physics.

Thus, the Interaction Engine most accurately represents another big milestone for Leap Motion on its special pursuit of achieving hardware free true human input in VR. For developers keen to get their hands on the beta version well, wait not as it is available right now.




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