HypeVR a 14-Camera Rig Captures Volumetric VR Video With LiDAR

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HypeVR is all about work and innovation to make volumetric 360 videos become a concept known by all with its super impressive 14-camera rig which has been especially designed as a mix of high tech cameras superimposed with laser scanning tech to capture advanced volumetric data in VR.

HypeVR also presented a short demonstration of the technology which they claim allow users to move within confined spaces in a video which is very similar to the Lytro’s Light field Capture Camera. Unlike the traditional 360 degree VR video that lock the viewers head to a single point in 3D space limiting the scope of any movement within the video reducing both immersin and comfort, volumetric videos allow significant exploration in any 360 3D video space.

The HypeVR rig is exclusively used to capture impractically large and realistic video from a 14-high end Red cameras accompanied by a Velodyne LiDAR scanner claiming to be able to capture 6K high quality video with 14 Red cameras at up to 90fps and a 360 degree point cloud 700,000 points per second.

The captured data is then used to texture the point cloud data which works to create a 3D model of the scene. The data is then piped into an engine which processes 3D data and plays it back frame-by-frame to create a live-action movie which allows users to move their heads within the 3D space recreating an almost perfect natural scene with comfortable viewing.

HypeVR is not the only platform delivering volumetric VR video however the company is still working to create more affordable rigs.





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