Jon Favreau Now Takes Off With Virtual Reality To Hollywood

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Virtual Reality is enjoying its status of being the most important person, especially when it comes to Hollywood. Everyone is giving a chance to Virtual Reality to make starring appearances in various awards and film festivals. Jon Favreau has already proved its worth in the movie industry when he brought talking animals along with smart-alecky superheroes for the viewers to the big screen. Now he is proving himself again with his next project by luring miniature goblins from Gnomes & Goblins dipped in virtual reality so as to become one of the first major filmmakers who has created an original work using the immersive technology and i.e. Virtual Reality.

Jon Favreau has done work on promotional VR tie-ins for his most recent live-action adaptation of a famous book, ‘The Jungle Book’. It is now collaborating with WeVR and Reality One Virtual Reality studios for “Gnomes & Goblins,” which is an interactive series especially based on an original creation of Jon Favreau. The movie will provide a room-scale VR experiences that will caste users same as a human-sized avatar those can move around in a beautiful, yet scary enchanted forest and therefore allows interaction with a tiny and adorable goblin. This will initially be available for the HTC Vive system.

Jon Favreau doesn’t want the users to feel like they are watching a movie, neither like as if they are playing a Virtual Reality game. For them, it is more like finding a balance that has to be interactive but, intuitive too, but definitely not like a puzzle. Jon Favreau and its team have definitely put their brain power in creating a goblin that is felt so real and organic in nature. Though there are many studios and networks that have developed some amazing Virtual Reality experiences so as to promote the films and many other TV shows and Favreau is the first one among the established Hollywood filmmakers who are here to embrace the immersive and illusionistic medium.

Jon Favreau told the press that he along with his team has successfully brought the interactions to one location along with that world. This is a new territory for Jon Favreau as he has never done anything like that ever before, but he is actually having a good time. Recently, Steve Spielberg also had a great time working with Virtual Reality.




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