Types Of Revenue Events You Need To Measure To Enhance Your LTV & ROI

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App marketing has witnessed three major waves. First, there is the user acquisition wave and all about acquiring users at scale; second wave is focused on app engagement. The third wave is the ROI wave. And many app marketers have yet to catch it. The most advanced crowd already knows the reality of mobile measurement and it is the most measurable ecosystem ever created.

This blog can help you to catch the perfect ROI waves that have been just released. This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know.

First is, Standard in-app purchase event in which to get things started you have to make sure that one of the in-app actions measured is a standard purchase event. To run an action-driven CPA campaign, you have to set this in order to get proper reporting on post-install conversions.

Second is, Rich purchase events in which measuring of user purchases is considered important and going deeper will generate you deeper insights. It is recommended to have an in-depth knowledge especially when it comes to revenue optimization.

Third is, Custom revenue events for paid apps and subscriptions in which the user’s application is right for the models. You can set up a custom revenue event so as to measure the incoming revenue. LTV modeling is much easier for subscription application because the revenue stream is much more predictable. It is easier to spend money profitably, when you have a fair idea of inflow of profits.

When the revenue is properly measured then you have already covered a half road towards your goal.  This is a very important step so as to launch your app safely without any complexity.




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