Capture Immersive Photos From Smartphone With Google’s Cardboard Camera

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You can now capture immersive photos with Google’s Cardboard Camera from your smart phone, the hardware you already own. The application has been launched on iOS platform that lets you take a snap on 360 formats from your exclusive iPhone.

The inventive app uses the parallax that is created by the rotation of your phone, along with the computer vision processing, that will capture a 360 degree panorama in 3D format and with the camera that is already there on your smart phone. Today, Google launched Cardboard Camera on iOS so as to bring the magic of 3D capability to your Apple products.

The app captures ‘VR Photos’ and panoramic views up to 360 degrees with the horizon. If you wish to use it, just hit the capture button and rotate in a complete circle. Then, google will assemble and render the photo so that you can easily share it on the web with a link.  You can also add sound of the scene to be played back during the viewing of your picture.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a headset to view that photo in an impressive way, but, you can still view this picture in the application and viewing of the photos through an iPhone will reveal the same impressive depth capture that we saw in Android version. Google Cardboard Camera is free on both Android and iOS. Android has rated the app 4.3 out of 5 with 11,000 reviews and has been downloaded 1 million times.




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