Now Shoot 360 Degree Video On Your iPhone With iO 360 Camera

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Giroptic who proved their ability by creating ‘360cam’, which in itself a standalone product, today launched the iO 360 camera that is made compatible with iPhone or iPad. The Giroptic iO 360 will be made available from today itself and will cost around $250. There are two counter-facing lenses that will enable the Apple device to capture an amazing 360 degree photo and videospheres. The camera is currently supporting 360 degree livestreaming through YouTube. There are some future plans of supporting 360 Facebook Live.

If we talk about specifications then, this device includes two 195 degree lenses that have an aperture of F/1.8. The device has their onboard stereo microphone and also a rechargeable battery. The video which is being captured has a resolution of 1920×960 at 30 FPS, though 30 FPS is not regarded as an ideal viewing for VR. You will be able to stitch the resultants each and everything in real time. If we talk about photos, then they are shot at a much higher resolution than videos and i.e. 3840×1920 resolution.

The dual cameras are capable to capture only a monoscopic sphere that somewhat lacks depth. The company has assured that this camera device is fully Virtual Reality compatible. It is being supposed that there are many existing methods to view the captured 360 content through various headsets. The Giroptic iO is supporting only Apple devices, and the company is planning to support the Android platform also, very soon!




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