PSVR Gets Audio Solutions With ‘Mantis’ Headphones

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We all are aware of the fact that how the headphone cables, get tangled up and it takes ages to get that puzzle solve. That is why, Peripheral Manufacturer Bionik is creating an amazing Rift- like Audio Solutions for your very own PSVR, to which they named it as MANTIS. Well, you can also witness from the picture, they are pretty neat too. Oculus has the best solution to the tangles cable problem so far and PSVR is also getting its own solution so as to offer an amazing Virtual Reality immersive experience to its users. As these tangle cables are causing hindrance to HTC VIVE users and PSVR users.

PSVR users can now express joy as the peripheral manufacturer Bionik will now be responsible for bringing a great solution to the problem of tangle cables which are very much inspired by the Oculus Rift Headphones. The Mantis is in a form of Clip-on, on ear headphones that get slotted onto the PSVR headband. It has a standard 3.5mm jack. Just like Rift, the Headphones are fitted once and can be adjusted for comfort.

The solution looks pretty good and neat that puts the user directly into the game by creating an immersive experience. By manufacturing headphones, Bionik will be able to find an appropriate market for the add-on device as the install base is approaching 1 million units at a very fast pace. As for now, The Mantis is enjoying the status of ‘Coming Soon’. It is currently priced at $49.99.




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