Epic Games Guide In Making The First ‘Robo Recall’ Mod

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Robo Recall which has been developed on Unreal Engine is now allowing the user to change the original name of the game through the Engine’s editor by providing certain tools that you would modify the title as per your wish. The game has a very slickly designed and has inculcate expert first person VR shooter i.e., Robo Recall. It is said to be an interesting prospect for Epic Games, developers.  The company is being funded by Oculus Studios, and they have immense freedom to build the title as they want it to be.

Epic Games have also launched a tutorial that will guide the users to modify the title according to their wish. The tutorial includes the step by step guidance that is required by the Unreal Engine. But before you could start, you should make sure that you would have an immense amount of free disk. You would also require an Epic games user account so that you are able to access all the Unreal Engine and required content. The tutorial will help you to walk through the basics of UE4 components, level designer and will show on how you will be able to use the Blueprints Visual Scripting System.

After that you will be all set to be launched into the arena of creating your first ever new mod. The guide will then start explaining along with the example to create customized weapons that will have their own unique design, before you could release and before that, testing. You would be surprised to know that the majority of works is aided by the UE4’s GUI. Some may find the working a bit daunting at first, but if, one is able to deploy the first mod very comfortably then it becomes easy for you, just like a walk in a park. In this, you would be able to see the results of your hard work, immediately. It is indeed an amazing new engine lets you make games in VR.





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