Facebook Retrench Price Of Oculus VR Set By $200

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A surprising thing happened in the world of Virtual Reality Technology headset, which plays an important role in the technology or in better words, works as a frontier to the technology. There are some brand names in the field like Facebook’s Oculus, PlayStationVR, and HTC VIVE. Facebook Inc’s virtual reality branch named as Oculus has trimmed the price by $200 from the actual and existing total price of its flagship hardware set. This was done with a vision to expand the system’s base of game players. Now, after the price cutting ceremony, the collective price of virtual reality headset Rift with the motion controllers Touch is set for $598. They have taken this big step because; they want to be competitive for the headsets that are selling at less price.

Oculus is confident enough that their entry into the lower price headset category will attract more customers to the Virtual Reality arena. They believe that, the drop is price would prove to be more beneficial and we all know that, this is how the technology business works. Rift alone used to cost $599 while the Touch controllers would cost $199 extra.

HTC VIVE, PlayStation VR costs much less than Oculus Rift. They are enjoying their part of incredible success and are witnessing a great momentum in the market. Recently Sony joined the race of Virtual Reality with their PlayStation VR headset, which is of course the company’s first ever product which is being launched into the realm of Virtual Reality in October at a price of $399.




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