New addition in ‘Obduction’ Coming Soon to Vive and Oculus Touch

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Cyan’s spiritual successor to Myst is all set to be launched with amazing power pack features that is with all-new motion control support. It is said to be launched on your favorites HTC VIVE and Oculus Touch on March 22nd. The original game was released on Steam in August last year! It received the VR support of Oculus Rift in October. Obduction offers an ideal VR setting that is said to be taken at a slow pace that encourages the players to study the environments very carefully as it will help them to find clues for their puzzles. The game which was highly praised for its visual and puzzle diversity, received a free update and was ultimately launched on the Oculus Store!

After it, the game went through a series of transformation later on also like, by using the ‘blink’ teleport feature, the game was felt much like Myst. Though, there was a free form movement in which snap turning was also available. It was updated in November in order to include a smooth turning option too. Cyan has been focused since then, to bring the experience to other headsets and announced the coming of the game to PlayStation VR and HTC Vive in the year 2017. The most important update that is accompanying this announcement is that, it is coming with the major addition of motion controller support.

In a great event of PAX EAST, visitors will get a major chance so as to preview the Oculus Touch version of Obduction in the Indie MEGABOOTH form. It will give a major opportunity to try the game in the Indie Corner of the SXSW Gaming show floor. This will happen from March 16th to 18th at the Austin Convention Center.




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