Sony Pictures To Debut Their First VR Titles with Passengers VR

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There are many Virtual Reality Productions which are planning to make their debut at SXSW. Big names like Archangel, which happens to be an original title from Skydance Media’s Skydance Interactive. Skydance’s Archangel was first announced at CES in January. It was scheduled for the availability in July. It was a story based driven shooter game in which players will be dropped into the cockpit of a war machine. Skydance interactive is also making a Life VR in union with Skydance’s sci-fi thriller Life. It is opening on March 24 via Columbia Pictures and the release date of the same is still not finalized.

Sony is also making a debut with Passengers starring Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. It has paired with blu-ray release of the film. It is said to be 20 minute VR experience for Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. This Movie lets you explore the Starship Avalon and also lets you progress through the many ship’s environment. The movie is currently priced at $9.99. Passenger VR was programmed and designed by MPC Company, which is a Technicolor, owned Visual Effects Company.

During the Austin, Texas-set confab, Virtual Reality studio UNLTD is also presenting a new teaser trailer for their first VR series, Trinity. It consists of five 15-minute episodes. It is said to be an interactive, futuristic sci-fi experience which is based entirely on a premise that humans are totally extinct. The last surviving androids must fight a final war for their freedom against an all powerful singularity. It is directed by Patrick Boivin and the series is still in the production stage.




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