HTC’s New ‘VR Ad Service’ Come With An Unexpected Feature!

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Virtual Reality is coming to a wider audience and that is why, many things are being done in the field of Virtual Reality and new things are also being introduced in the field like, ‘In-game advertisement’ (IGA) is a pretty conflict-ridden issue. It is because; on one hand, it offers the needed incentive to our developers who won’t have the adequate funds, or they are trying to get their hands on advertisement in order to avoid on principle. Since it is coming to wider audiences now, one can expect that the technology is old enough that it could hold up the major conversations regarding its development, funding games with the advertisement, etc. keeping this thing in mind, HTC has announced New ‘VR Ad Service’ that comes with an unexpected feature!

HTC launched the same at 2017 VIVE Ecosystem Conference, the previous day! It is expected that HTC focused majorly on the Future of the VIVE platform. This will bring many new developments for the ad developers like; they would now be able to make ads of different styles into their games hosted on Viveport! The VR AD service is more like an opt-in program and that is why it would be open for developers who are ready to include ads could do so.  You would be surprised to know that all of the free apps would automatically be putting on the list that could be used in order to integrate VR ads. Ads that would be appearing in immersive Virtual Reality environments could not only be offering more effective impressions but interestingly, they could also be tracked if the users have viewed the ad content or turned their gaze away! This has surely multiplied the very effect of the impressions and also the verified viewings that will be bringing the revenue higher of the advertising realm.

We know that in-game VR ads tracking gaze may sound very novel like fiction, but it is much more than that! When as compared to the ordinary Ad impressions, Ads which are seen by the users in a totally immersive VR environment would be targeting two major developments. It could not only be meeting the user’s needs by way of precise re-targeting but could be detected if those ads would also be viewed effectively by the very users!  Let us see what more HTC brings for the Virtual Reality users.




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