HTC’s ‘Arcade Saga’ With Oculus Touch Improvements

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Arcade Saga has released the latest updates and the latest update features multiplayer modes across all of their three futuristic sports games. The latest update also allowed the Oculus Touch Optimizations. HTC’s ‘Arcade Saga’ is developed by 2Bears Studios and was originally released in December 2016. It was released and enjoyed the status of being the first title from the VIVE studios, HTC’s internal development and publishing group.

Arcade Saga is highly inspired by the arcade classics breakout and Arcade Saga along with Arkanoid and, Galaga offers three separate game modes that are exclusively built for Virtual Reality in one single package which includes features like, Smash, Fracture, and Bowshot. The game comprises of more than 80 levels, which are motion controlled action. It includes four bosses and bonus levels added to the existing levels. You know, what’s the best part, that the game is available for free only on VIVEport. It has been done to make the one year anniversary of HTC VIVE. As it has been optimized for Oculus too, it is also made available on SteamVR for $20.

Arcade Saga enjoyed the status of being the first title from HTC’s internal Vive Studios. And because of this, the extended support for Oculus hardware is giving a very different approach to the Virtual Reality game development and also on the funding between the two major PC VR companies. Arcade Saga could soon be coming to Sony’s PSVR too, as told by HTC VIVE studios as the VIVE studios platform is agnostic which not so likely Oculus Studios is.




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