Review Of ‘Downward Spiral: Prologue’

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Downward Spiral: Prologue released in 2017 is a sci-fi adventure game that gives you an immersive experience of a recreated ’70s retro-future of CRT monitors along with space stations abound. It features a single-player and coop mission compatible with multiplayer Deathmatch mode. The Downward Spiral: Prologue feels like the creators have revisited an Arthur C. Clarke novel and dipped in the river of virtual reality.

When you first enter into the realm of the game, you are then completely tossed in with a little back story. The starting makes it very clear that you have to do aboard what appears to be an abandoned space station that is orbiting the Earth. You would be grabbing the railing you are propelling yourself to the nearest airlock & enter the station. It happens because you are pushed in a microgravity environment and you forcefully have to stop yourself with the help of your hand and will be navigating forward by pushing off the walls of the overall instrument you would be traveling into!

Downward Spiral: Prologue, interiors is very well-polished, but some are not impressed at all by the 15-minute length of the game. Yes, you guessed it right that it is a short-lived VR space station game selling for real money on Steam. These are a hell of the host of redeeming qualities like inclusive a cohesive art style, beautiful and amazing scene work with no-gravity locomotion scheme that leaves the user feeling completely nausea-free! One can’t help but be shaking the very feeling that there should be at least 10 times the amount of gameplay in the single player mode. If we talk about the comfort, it tops in it and fails in terms of immersion and gameplay!




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