New HTC VIVEs Weigh 15% Less Than Their First Release

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We all are aware that, the HTC VIVE has always been criticized for its heaviness and HTC managed to find a reasonable solution for the same. HTC VIVE is now slimmed now over time and this all was possible because of the manufacturing improvements. HTC finally shoved off its 15% off of the original weight which was at 550 grams. It has finally come in line with the Oculus Rift. The slimming process has been very rigorous and also has been going on for a long time and we can also witness it like accessories were made slimmer into 3 in 1 cable and so on.

The Vive Pre was very close to the final version of the headset that went out for the developers ahead of the consumer launch of the headset. The Vive Pre headsets which were shipped weighed around 550 grams and 15% reduction in the latest headsets brings the weight down to 468 grams, making the device right on par with the Oculus Rift’s which weighs around 470 grams.

It is true that 15% is really commendable but we are also aware of the fact that the weight alone doesn’t assure the ultimate measure of comfort in a Virtual Reality headset. In fact, PSVR has a slight edge on comfort; even it is heaviest VR headset in its realm with 610 grams. Let us see, what more improvement steps will HTC will take in order to make it more comfortable in terms of immersion, comfort and even on resolutions!




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