Showcasing the History of VR

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Virtual Reality (VR) has already taken a toll over technology and The National Video Game Museum in Frisco is giving new wings to the VR. It chronicles the history of virtual reality and lets you explore the development of the technology from the earlier days of VR through to the current interactions such as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, etc.

This new VR exhibit is the most interactive showcase that the museum has put on. From featuring numerous working models of VR displays and consoles from as far back as the Virtual Boy to the modern titles such as PlayStation VR release of the Battlezone, the exhibit showcases everything.

The Power Glove and Mattel’s gloved controller, released in 1985, for the Nintendo Entertainment System- the best artifacts from the 80’s and 90’s are also included in this VR exhibit. In fact, the rare prototype of the Power Glove, developed by VPL Research, has also been displayed.

The museum has also decided to pay homage to Super Mario Bros, the first feature film based on a video game. This was not liked by the audience but since then many films based on video games have gotten better, for an instance the Ready Player One. With VR, this has been successful in embracing a huge number of likes from the audience. Also, for your information, a proper Super Mario Bros film is currently in development by Nintendo, Illumination Entertainment, and Shigeru Miyamoto- the creator of the game.

You can visit our website often to stay updated with the latest VR technology news or trends. For those looking to explore the history of virtual reality, along with some film history, The National Video Game Museum in Frisco is the best-stop destination.

We are sure to bring you all the latest from the latest VR trends and technologies, so make sure to stay tuned.

Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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