ADM Launched Virtual Reality-Ready GPU At $199

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Advanced Micro Devices’ senior Vice President Raja Koduri has finally launched Radeon RX480,  the new budget friendly GPU, which is exclusively based on the requirement that the content developers will be tuning in the next 3-4 years. It promises to lower the barricade of entry into Virtual Reality. They have created the cheapest budget VR ready graphics processing unit to the date so to give a chance to every single person to taste this technology. This Radeon RX 480 was made available in two variants, i.e. 4GB which was priced at $199 and 8GB variant which was priced at $239, across the globe.

Now must be wondering, what one can do with this budget card? Well, the RX 480 has surpassed both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift’s minimum required specifications AMD’s R9 290 and NVIDIA’s GTX 970-AMD’s new 14nm Polaris GPU is expected to beat the mighty GTX 1080 which is priced at $699 when doubled up into CrossFire mode.  Many resolutions have been done across a game TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMAR with GTX 970 and 980. It rates consistently between them but it tends to stick closer to the 980. The same test is still to be done in comparisons with the variants with AMD’s but, 4GB RX 480 is surely Oculus Rift and steam VR ready.

This option is very feasible option for the first wave of consumer Virtual Reality headsets. Now, the question that pops up is that what will happen to the older cards? Well, let’s see. Well, it’s pretty obvious that the price is surely going to drop plus, the rush of the second hand card is about to hit the EBay, but the price performance of RX 480 Is simply doing a commendable job.

But, if you are still thinking to buy a much lower priced-end GPU, then it is also possible but, you have to wait a bit as Nvidia hasn’t yet unveiled their GTX 1060 which will hopefully be unveiled on July 7th on their GTX 10-series celebration. It is a real treat for a person who is sitting on a nearly maxed-out visa card for a little longer.




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