Experience the Best of VR without a wearing Clunky Headset

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The miraculous and amazing experience of Virtual Reality immersion comes at a price of wearing clunky headsets and feeling nauseas after a while. What if you could experience the best that VR has to offer but without having to wear any goggles or headsets?

The idea is indeed tempting working on which the Wichita State University (WSU) has created an gigantic projector VR experience in a floor-to-ceiling VR tunnel known as ‘The Cave’. The organization recently completed its new installment in which designers and developers can experience what it is like to walk through their creations using giant mock ups of their concepts projected on the big VR screen, without having to strap a screen on their face.

The Cave is an immersive visualization system bounded on the 4 sides with 19 ft. wide X 10 ft. tall front screen, two 10 ft. X 10 ft. side screens and a 19 ft X 10 ft. floor screen on which the images are projected. Also, the system offers flexibility in the screens such that the side walls can be folded at the hinges to make a continuous 39 ft. long screen.

The innovative visualization system, for full effects needs to be paired with 12 Digital Projection Titan LED 3D projectors. Mirroring the effect of VR, the user’s head is tracked using motion trackers for a realistic VR experience as well as to align the graphics with the user’s vision known as the Advanced Realtime Tracking System. Also, the user is provided with a wand which can be used to record sounds, take measurements and even interpret the VR experience with manipulation.

The common use-cases of the advanced VR System involve Designing, Manufacturing, Construction and architecture to correct the imperfections and build with efficiency. Thus, with the Cave offering high resolution, optics and a wider field of view it is sure to move ahead  with a few interesting possibilities ahead.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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