Freddie Mercury’s Wild Imagination Into VR For Bohemian Rhapsody

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Well, everyone is a great fan of Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality has wrapped almost everyone in its arms. Queen guitarist Brian May is in love with virtual Reality and has wrapped Virtual reality into his melodious music. His love for Virtual Reality forced him to design his own mobile Virtual Reality glasses as he strongly believes that the virtual Reality Medium will change the world. All thanks to Queen, who joined hands with Google Play and studio Enosis VR for an application to show the world, most memorable and immersive Bohemian Rhapsody Experience.

The cumulative has launched a prototype version of this immersive experience which was unveiled earlier this year at Google I/O and at May’s own event. Now they have released a final version on Android and also coming soon for iOS too. The application is beautifully described by Google as a journey through the subconscious mind of Freddie Mercury, and the viewers can enjoy this video with a cardboard Headset or a flat screen as a window.

The video uses a specialized version of the song because it wants to a sound that makes it feels like it is corresponding to the fixed points in the world around you and with changes, it makes your head turn around.  Google has been working hard on developing pieces like this since 2013 and this video is most likely to be revealed through an event on October 4th. There are many musicians that are trying their hands in Virtual Reality and Björk started this trend after her immersive video.





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