Noitom’s Project Alice Captures Real objects in VR for Multi-user Experience

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Noitom is a leading motion capture company which has now come up with an enhanced technology that captures reality and compiles it with Virtual reality to create a mixed-reality environment for multi users to experience the interaction between the physical and the virtual worlds in real time.

Project Alice which is a critical combination of different systems and functionalities was first presented at the SVVR 2016. The project is a genius mash up of models to create a highly unique and intriguing VR experience. Noitom has produced a system positioned as B2B entity is priced around $100,000 and comprises of a high end Motion capturing system completed with IMU tracking systems.

These high end systems integrated with VR results in a brilliant multi user VR experience which lets users interact with each other and the real objects in Virtual environments.

Mixing the real world entities and letting them interact freely in the virtual world where you can simply reach out and grab an object and is what comes this concept highly interesting and new to behold and ponder upon.




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