Now Immerse In Illusionistic Space In STYLE With Dlodlo’ New VR Glasses

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Dlodlo recently unveiled its new virtual reality headset in a form of glasses and named it as Dlodlo V1 at an event that took place in New York City recently. The Chinese company recently held a press conference was held by a Chinese company in which company’s CEO Gang Li describes the VR specifications and also it issues.

Mark Zuckerberg has once said that Virtual Reality devices must be in sunglasses style which becomes a future trend but Facebook will need five to ten years to realize this dream, as told by Li through a translator in a press event. He was feeling to show that his company has done it in the current times only.

If we talk about the Virtual Reality Glasses then the Dlodlo V1 do look like a pair of sunglasses which are oversize which are made up of carbon fiber, weighs only 3.1 ounces, and is just only 0.63 inches thick. It comes in two resolutions, first is 1200×1200 and another one at 2400×1200 which runs at 90 frames per second.

The company also said that the V1 uses sensors and an algorithm so as to limit its vertigo. There is no external camera, so there is no positional tracking. The headset works both with computers and also with your phone. But it do comes with a hefty price tag of $559 which is all set to be released in October through a Kickstarter Project to be launched in September.





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