Now Take Sun-Bath With The Virtual Reality Weather

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Virtual Reality is the technology that is an expert in fooling our eyes and ears. Well, fooling will not stop; in fact, it will be growing with the technology. The fooling of the other senses has also begun after just fooling our eyes and ears. The Virtual Reality has added Weather add- on to fool your senses that feel sun and wind for you. Nimesha Ranasinghe who is studying at the National University of Singapore is working to provide the ultimate Virtual Reality experience. Last year, he along with his team showed that electrodes can be used to add the sweet taste into virtual reality. His brand new accessory, named as Ambiotherm, adds that the atmosphere is very well included in the mix.

Ambiotherm is said to have two components that would be compatible with any normal VR headset. The first component is a wind module that would contain two fans that would be clipped at to the bottom of a headset. This would stimulate wind that will blow continuously on the face of the user to give the wind effect. The second component would give the heat effect at the back of your neck so that, it would give the effect of the sun’s heat to give you an experience of dessert walking in the sun.

Well, must be thinking, it would just be affecting the neck area fun Sun stimulation? Well, NO, in the previous experiment, the team found out that it would ultimately be affecting the whole body. Other attempts have been made in order to emulate the whole environmental conditions in Virtual Reality, experiences usually involve a room with fans and heat lamps, making it a very hectic procedure. Well, the team is proud enough to make it compact by making it more realistic. The next step that the team is going to take is to include Smell and Vibrations. Ambiotherm project will be presented at the Human Factors Conference in Computing Systems at Colorado in May. Let us see, where it goes from control your brain with Eyemynd VR system to providing smell and vibrations.





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